Why do I like to code?


Computers are a contradiction, they are both the smartest things on the planet and the stupidest things on the planet. A computer can do over 4 Billion calculations a second yet can't work out the difference between a name and a phone number without being told.

What defines which category a computer falls into is the programmer, someone who sees everything from a different point of view. Someone who can reduce a massive problem into simple steps that can be followed. Someone who lives in both the microscopic and the macroscopic worlds.

I live to solve problems and to be the person who doesn't shy away from the impossible, I like to push the limits of what can be done to see what should be done next.

I have never liked "It can't be done" as an answer and never leave anything until it's complete.

Nothing compares to the feeling of cracking what once seemed un-crackable.