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Cracking Wep Wifi with raspberry Pi 3's

An introductory workshop to InfoSec that I created and teach monthly

I volunteer at a Raspberry Pi group called the Northern Ireland Raspberry Pi jam who meet monthly to teach people of all ages workshops on programming, creating, computing and all other types of constructive things based mainly around open source hackable hardware such as the Raspberry Pi. This is the first workshop I've created and taught.


Codify- Developed by myself


Chrome extension to combat phishing

First Chrome extension I've ever made, written in JavaScript it parses URLs to ensure that they haven't been manipulated to appear as another URL. It helps prevent phishing attacks from common alphanumeric manipulation, released on the chrome extension store for free!


LOIC main screen


An Open source network stres tool I contributed to

Low Orbit Ionic Cannon or LOIC for short is an open source network stress tool which I recently contributed an ICMP ping flood method to in order to contribute to the range of attack methods that can be tested and to properly participate in my first large open source project on Github.



Slider Automation Class Library

A solution to an industry QA problem

During a placement at Intelligent Environments' QA team in Belfast, I wrote an extension to the Selenium engine in order to allow dynamic slider elements to be automatically manipulated so that a 3 hour + manual task could be turned into a 12 second automated task.


Final Design

S5 Phone case CAD project

Little project i took up in my spare time to teach myself the fundamentals of CAD with nothing other than my phone, a tape measure and a few hours spare time.