Solidworks project

S5 Phone case (with battery holder)

I taught myself solidworks over a weekend to model a case for my S5 phone with a holder for a spare battery. I'd never done anything major using CAD software so i thought this would be a good way to teach myself how to use solidworks and solve a problem I'd been having.

Final Design
Final Design

I had the problem of always forgetting to bring the second battery with me or having anywhere convenient to store it so i made up this 3d model after teaching myself solidworks and used online resources for the dimensions of the phone so the case should (hopefully) fit snuggly. I hope to 3D print this in the near future.


This was the inital concept design after roughly 2-3 hours of tinkering with solidworks, i started with a raw rectangle, extruded it into a 3d shape and began sculpting it into the shape of my phone so I could then "shell" it (make it hollow so it's a case).

After the raw shape of the case was created i added features such as the battery holder on the back, some aesthetic improvements such as rounded edges to make it easier to hold and I added slots for the speakers/buttons, camera and charging port.


s5 front carbon

I experimented with different materials and appearances in solidworks to see how each one looked and decided on slight modifications that each different material highlighted such as adding a more gradual inner edge and adding a hole on the battery holder so that the user could easily slide the battery in and out of the case without it getting stuck.

s5 cb

The Carbon fiber render allowed for a much higher contrast which granted me the ability to see where edges and lines ended and how the overall shape of the case looked, It also allowed me to check that every feature and hole was aligned the way I wanted it to be.

Final Design

After some final tinkering I decided there was not much worth changing at this stage until I had an actual physical prototype, I hope to 3D print this in the near future and put this concept into practice to see if the design does help make how i use my phone "slightly" more organised.

I learnt a lot about CAD design during this short project and I hope to design more things in the future.

More photos to follow when I get this design printed