//Unfortunately the P5-JS library used to display the code live is down on github, working on another solution!


Controls: Arrow keys for movement, left click to cheat 🙂


A Massive shoutout to The Coding Train who's video on this in JavaScript I followed very closely, as this was my first attempt at anything in JS i found this video to be a godsend.

Another big thank you to Toolness who wrote the P5 JS widget, I had tried many different methods for trying to include the P5 library in wordpress and this widget seems to be the easiest method so far as you can make on the fly changes to the code which is great for educational purposes. I will be trying a few other techniques for future JavaScript posts

Finally a thank you to galambalazs who wrote JavaScript code for disabling scrolling while the game was clicked, I found the code on a stack overflow post here and it's basically been my guide for doing the same thing in future projects